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hair replacement system

Hair Piece Maintenance 

Female Hair Pieces/Wigs

Average length of hair from base ranges from 7” to 26” Inches

Hair Piece Maintenance   

In order to keep your hairpiece looking natural, periodic maintenance will be required, how often the maintenance is required will be based upon:

  • Worning of an hair piece/wigs.
  • The environment in which it is worn.
  • When a hairpiece is semi-permanently attached it is a must to have it serviced for every 4 to 6 weeks for both technical and personal hygienic reason, when secured for wearing on daily basis maintenance must be based upon how often it is worn, its exposure to the elements, and how well it is cared for. Basic hairpiece maintenance requires regular hair shampooing and conditioning. Since hair is the essence of a natural-looking hairpiece, it must be cared better than most people maintain their own hair. Excessive shampooing of hairpiece/toupee causes the hair to fade and break. The remedy to this problem, it is recommended that you only shampooing a hairpiece when necessary only.

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