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hair replacement system

Accessories & Attach Methods 

Hair pieces may be secured for wearing using a temporary method or semi-permanent attachment method. The temporary method requires bonding the hair piece to your scalp using hair piece tape or to your hair using hair piece clips. The semi-permanent method requires securing the hair piece to your hair along the bald hair line.

You simply remove the protection Pater from one side of the two-sided tape and secure it to the existing tape tab areas on the underside edge of your hair piece.
Remove the remaining protection paper, then position and secured the hairpiece to your scalp by simply pressing down firmly at the tape areas.

Hair piece Clips are very popular device that may be used for securing a hair piece. However, it’s less comfortable than the toupee tape and adhesive methods. Hair piece clips are sewn along the underside edge of the hair piece at the tape tab areas or where hairs exist in order that they may be firmly secured to hair. To secure and remove hair piece you simply lift the edge of hair piece and either close or open each clip to secure or remove the hair piece.

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